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GTA V Next Update | New Vehicle | New Adversary Mode

"Rockstar Games has revealed the latest update for GTA Online, which introduces a brand-new vehicle to purchases and a new Adversary mode for players to take part in.
Starting this week in GTA Online, players will now be offered the chance to buy a new car, the Grotti GT500 Sports Classic which is a classic, two-door sports car with a powerful engine. It is now available for purchase at Legendary Motorsport for $785,000 (with in game money).
The new update also introduces a new team-based Adversary mode called Air Quota. The concept of Air Quota is sixteen players in teams of four; players duke it out against each other as they traverse the airs of Los Santos in a slew of aircrafts.
Until Monday, January 22 gamers who take part in Air Quota will receive double GTA$ & RP."


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